Houseplants and Starts

So this year I am once again trying to keep plants alive inside my house until they go outside of my house. This is and has always been a very difficult task for me as no matter how much I learned I still have trouble with over-watering or underwatering plants that are indoors.This could be due to the fact that they’re not getting as much sun as they should be, however this year, I think I may have found a happy place for my indoor plants and plant starts.

Meet my new indoor plant stand! Well new is a relative term, it’s new to me. It’s new to its current form, however most of the boards I’ve had around for sometime.(This is one of those moments where y’all get to see my crafty side)

Designing this plant shelf was simple enough… I simply took in consideration the height of my tallest plant and its pot, the height of my couch, and the height of my windows. Also, it just so happened I had enough good boards of the appropriate length to build this useful contraption.

Originally I was thinking of building a three shelf plant stand for behind the couch, but most the plants I am currently trying to keep alive till they go outside are quite large. Also, I did not want the shelves to cast a shadow on the plants below. Because as we all well know the right amount of sunlight is crucial to the health of most plants if you want them to live. About 6 hours of morning sun is best.

So each side, the bottom, and the top of my plant stand is made out of two pieces of the dog-eared treated wooden fencing boards cut to size. This provided me with a stand that was approximately 11in wide by 4 ft Long by 3 ft tall.

Since the shelves weren’t meant to hold a great deal of weight I only needed to brace up the top shelf and the bottom shelf with four pieces of treated 2 by 2’s that I affixed parallel to my shelf boards.

So, 8 dog-eared fence boards, 2-8 ft treated 2×2’s, and 48 screws later and I had myself a solid plant stand that will not only hold 8 to 10 large planters indoors, but will also allow me more space on my porch for plant starts come summer.

For those of you curious, there are four different varieties of grape plants, two different blueberry plants, a kiwi tree, an avocado tree, and three containers full of Aloe Vera plants on or resting next to my new planter shelf. Unfortunately all my plants would not fit on it as most of those plants are quite large… So my second year Begonias and Amyerillis plants are resting on end tables next to my

As for the cat grass I’m starting for the gray fur baby, you might have seen sitting next to the plant stand in the picture above, it had to go on a trash can near the window.

And my third year Orchid (that hasn’t bloomed since the first blooms died) is on a our desk near the window

Have you all had better luck with indoor plants than I? What have you found to be most influential on the health of your indoor plants? Water or sun? Or do you find them equally important? One of the experience farmers I have been watching on YouTube observe that the top layer of soil should actually dry out before watering the plants again, I have been practicing this and it seems to be helping my plants grow better so far! Fingers crossed!

And as always I hope this brings you inspiration to try your hand at growing something wonderfully beautiful and healthy!

With love,

You’re upstate gardener/Crafter

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