My Favorite YOUTUBE Farmers – Top 5 of 15

So I think it is only fair to go ahead and share about my favorite YouTube farmers and homesteaders along with my thoughts on why they are my favorite resources. There is actually so much information to absorb from the experience of others in farming, saving and preparing the food you grow, choosing your plants, choosing what to grow, and choosing where to source your seeds. I will be attaching links to these farmer’s channels so you can watch their channel and decide if they have useful information for you to use in your own gardening endeavors.

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MIgardener – YouTube – The MIgardener is a young man who lives in Michigan and has extensive knowledge of home gardening techniques. I really like the MIgardener because not only does he try to garden organically but he has done a lot of experimentation, trial, and error to find success in his gardening which he shares with his viewers. Another thing I like about the MIgardener is the precise nature of his videos. Although, he is friendly and somewhat casual in his video, he does not ramble but keeps each video on point. Due to this method of teaching I find each video a quick and easy way to glean a lot of information useful to the topic I am researching for the day. The MIgardener also sells seeds MIgardener – Gardening Is Our Craft which I have found to be very reasonably priced and a great resource for common seeds as well as unique seeds you won’t find at your local home improvement store. The biggest downside about watching the MIgardener is that he lives in a climate drastically different that ours in the upstate, due to the longer winter months they experience up north.

Epic Gardening – YouTube – The Epic Gardening channel is a very encouraging channel filled with lots of great knowledge for both beginners and seasoned veterans. Most of the videos you will find here are to the point and very informative. The Epic Gardener is based out of California so they have a very different climate there making some of their experience very limited since they don’t experience much of a winter. However, I still consider this channel a great resource as the gentleman running the channel is very knowledgeable about gardening techniques and also interviews other farmers in different regions to add to the shared knowledge of gardening.

Next Level Gardening – YouTube – The Next level Gardening channel is a very detailed, educational, and interactive channel for new or seasoned gardeners. One of the most interesting things I enjoyed about this channel was the Organic Gardening Basics series where the host breaks down how to start gardening organically from start to finish. Although the Next Level Gardening is located in California he actually addresses many topics broadly that almost every gardener in any area or climate could benefit from. On this channel you can find solutions for cheap Soil PH testing, explanations of soil composition, fertilizer options, seed starting techniques, and more. So if you are looking for a great resource for learning the basics of gardening or if your just looking to expand your knowledge this channel may be for you.

Learn Organic Gardening at GrowingYourGreens – YouTube – Growing your greens host Josh travels all around the country sharing information he has learned about gardening techniques, styles, and the various plants available as food sources. While Josh has a quite a bit of wild fire in his presentation and can sometimes be a bit much if you like to watch video’s while winding down in the evening, he is inspiring in the excitement he has for organic, sustainable, and regenerative gardening methods. So far I have seen him cover gardeners in Florida, California, Texas, and several other areas around the country and world. Although every video Josh films may not be applicable to gardening in the upstate due to climate differences, you can find some tidbit of information to apply to your gardening in nearly every video.

Roots and Refuge Farm – YouTube – Jess is the star of this you tube channel with her upbeat and thankful spirit, she shares her successes and failures with the positivity of a child not ruined by the cynicism of the world. When I watch a Roots and Refuge episode I feel like I am watching a video message from a friend who truly wants me to share in the joy they have found in a life’s dream realized. While Roots and Refuge farm is a video blog there are many, many episodes focused in on gardening techniques and tips. There are also many episodes I have enjoyed watching for the uplifting messages of a life well lived, through hardship, discouragement, blessings, and joys you will feel blessed along with Jess. Jess emanates her passion for gardening and farming in every word and knowledgeable tidbit. One last thing you might want to know is that in addition to running step by step classes, Jess has just published her first book.

It is only fair to say, I have not listed these channels in any particular order as far as best to worst, however, I did list the last one after the others because Roots and Refuge Farm also branches out into a variety of animals and homesteading type work. So feel free to check each one of these informative and enjoyable channels out and decide for yourself which Gardener/Farmer/Homesteader you like best. I apologize for the lack of pictures but as I do not own any of these channel or have a personal relationship with their authors, so I would not take the liberty of sharing their pictures.

And as always, building a self-sustaining life is not easy, so I hope you find the inspiration and encouragement you need in this publication and these channels to begin your journey to a healthier and more beautiful self-sustaining life.

With Love,
The Upstate Gardener/Crafter

2 thoughts on “My Favorite YOUTUBE Farmers – Top 5 of 15

  1. Hi, I just wanted to re-iterate that I appreciate your honesty and your perspective. I’d like to know more of what you think and hear more from you, so I hope you will continue to follow my blog and share your ideas. I’m GLAD you spoke up.


    1. Sue, For that you have my respect and admiration for rising above the torrential decay of society as it is. For truly if we can agree to disagree we have obtained true freedom of opinion and speech.

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