A Crafting Day Ep. 1

So I had an additional day off of work was Easter week for the holiday weekend. I had gotten quite sick with a virus of some sort last week, so although I recovered I still did not have a tremendous amount of energy to do a lot of gardening. Besides it was still quite cold most of the day.

So, since I had finally found a wall mount toilet paper dispenser, that matched our master bath decor, for only $5 at Habitat for Humanity. I decided it was time to do some more fixing up on the third most used room in our house.

I had been using a freestanding toilet paper holder I had also gotten that Habitat for Humanity for a couple of dollars, and a galvanized decorative basket to hold spare rolls. However, as anyone who is the main person cleaning the house knows, the more things that touch the floor the more difficult it is to clean the floors. And this is generally what you do not want in a bathroom as keeping conditions clean and sanitary is a high priority!

Well both objects were pretty and match the decor of the room, with a Little help from rustoleum hammered spray paint, I wanted something better to replace both objects. But I was willing to patiently wait to find the right pieces for the right price. And while I did after a year and a half get lucky enough to find the toilet paper dispenser, I wanted to go ahead and get the wall mounted toilet paper storage now.

So being the crafty and handy person that I am, I grabbed some spare pieces of wood, quickly measured the width of two toilet paper rolls and began building. I grabbed a piece of discounted 1 x 5 1/2 by 12 pine board I had bought earlier that in March and cut 2-16 1/2 long pieces and 1-13 1/2 long piece. Although if you were wanting to build something similar instead of a 13 1/2 long piece you would want to cut a 9 inch long piece (I will explain momentarily why that is).

As I am still working on getting some things shifted from our small shed to our attic, I have a little corner in my dining room, out of the walkway, where I keep small pieces of project wood for just such occasions.

I was able to cut around most of the damage to the board and still get my three pieces with plenty to spare for some shelves I want to build later. I also had some remnant pieces of the thinnest plywood like wood you can get at a big box store. I love this wood, and although it can chip very easily it has been extremely handy for organizing and building household items without adding a tremendous amount of bulk to my builds.

So I started by pre-drilling then screwing the 16 1/2 pieces to the 13 1/2 piece. After I had the outside frame put together I measured and cut a piece of the thinnest plywood. I then grab my handy cordless Ryobi hot glue gun and my bag of Gorilla hot glue sticks and got to work securing the front piece between the 2- 16 1/2 pieces of the frame. I doubled and triple checked the distance to leave at the bottom for a toilet paper roll to easily come out of the dispenser before gluing in the front panel.

I had some old pieces of trim the construction crew left behind from their work on the house before we bought it, so I cut a piece for the front to go over the front panel and the thin edge of the two side boards for decoration, and then I cut a piece to go between the two side panels in the back. I screwed in the back piece which I’m going to use to mount the dispenser. And I attached the front piece with a couple of screws and hot glue to close the gap between the ultra thin plywood and the trim piece.

It was then time to cut my dividers, I had some smaller pieces of the ultra thin plywood but they need to be cut down ever so slightly to fit inside my unit. To keep this wood from chipping and cracking you need to use masking tape before you measure and cut to prevent damage that will ultimately cheapen the look of your project.

After I had taped off and measured each piece I trimmed them up and then used my trusty Gorilla hot glue to secure each divider in place. Much to my chagrin while doing this, I discovered I had made my unit too wide. And as I didn’t want to take the whole thing apart and start over I decided to use the extra space as storage for bathroom cleaning tools and tank cleaners so I can free up some space under my sink.

I then cut a piece for the top, and fit the device to the wall to see how to finalize this project. Upon doing this I found the best placement for it would be against the back wall and butted up just under the countertop lip on one side. This means that I couldn’t hinge the lid, so I decided to cut some tiny one by half inch square trim and hot glue it to the lid as a sort of storage tray area next to the sink.

Finally once all the pieces were put together, it was painting time. Unfortunately, it takes a couple days for glossy Rust-Oleum paint to dry, which is the paint I always use on bathroom projects as it is extremely durable and makes an easy to clean finished project.

So due to painting and drying times I just got the fixture installed this week. But once it is finished I will not only have space to store six extra rolls of toilet paper, but I’ll have a convenient hidden space to store my bathroom cleaning brushes. All in all these little craft projects, though time consuming at the moment, end up saving a tremendous amount of time for me on cleanup and restocking days.

So as always, building a self-sustaining life is not easy, so I hope you find the inspiration and encouragement you need in this publication to begin your journey to a healthier and more beautiful self-sustaining life.  

With love,

The Upstate Gardener/Crafter

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