Working with the Yard You Have to Create a Beautiful Space

We have some unusual slopes and hills throughout our acreage which have posed a challenge in many aspects. Some of which include drainage issues, maintenance difficulties, access frustrations, and potential health hazards like unwanted mold growth and damage and decay to the vulnerable parts of our home. So, we have started coming up with some creative solutions to deal with these challenges and turn them into beautiful and useful spaces.

The first solution was to plant soil improving seed that includes Red and White Clover,  Maximus Tetraploid Annual Ryegrass, Daikon Radish, Barnapoli Rape, Triticale, Oats, Winter Peas, Chicory, and Turnip seeds. Some of this seed came in bags of Throw and Grow Seed with Radish and Seven Card Stud Plot seed and the rest came from individual Clover seed bags.

We also planted some Black Beauty Tall Fescue grass seed in the more shady areas under the trees where the grass had been completely choked out by overgrowth of Wild Grape Vines, Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, Wild Blackberry Vines, and Scrubby brush. Upon looking back although the Tall Fescue is some of the most beautiful grass we have ever seen, I would use the same company to order the Pasture mixture Grass which would be more advantageous to our long term plans of having grass foraging animals.

In the side of our house where we planted a very basic throw and grow we have started construction on planters that will utilize the drainage as a resource for plants and continue to slow, stop, redirect, and absorb runoff from the neighboring properties that cause a lot of moisture issues in our crawl space.

Pleasant side effects of planting the seed is improved early resources for the pollinators in our area, a lovely view in our front yard, beautiful grassy meadows in our back yard, and an enchanted forest area at the far end of our yard. Now, when it rains for a long time in large quantities? There is barely a puddle to be seen in our yard which means our soil is not only benefiting from improved absorption but greater potential for growing healthy plants anywhere across our property.

And as always, building a self-sustaining life is not easy, so I hope you find the inspiration and encouragement you need in this publication and these channels to begin your journey to a healthier and more beautiful self-sustaining life.

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