So… It’s been a while

Hello friends! It has been a while. As I’m sure many of ya’ll know Gardening can be very time consuming even though it can also be very fulfilling and therapeutic. However, no matter what, there are times in most of our lives when we become overwhelmed, depressed, frustrated, unwell, and generally unable to face some or most of our daily lives. And, I have just been through one of these times. Again.

A purple clover (Although, I think technically its a red clover)

I debated writing about this situation since it involved another person who is not a part of this online community I’m trying to build, however, I am keeping them nameless so I decided to share it with ya’ll. I do not share this experience for sympathy, merely understanding. An understanding for my absence, an understanding of how gardening has a way of drawing you out of a dark place, and hopefully an understanding for how people cope. Also the same weekend we had a pipe drench our house in gallons upon gallons of water.

The first thing that happened was a breaking of a long term friendship with two people that sparing you the details one was due to a failure on my part and another was due to the failure on the other person’s part. Both came within a similar time frame and both though surrounded by vastly different circumstances cut just as deeply into the very core of my heart.

So after a week or so of being depressed and lazy, just going to work and coming home. After no cleaning, no cooking, no gardening, just wallowing in sadness for that week, I started to pick myself back up by getting refocused on things that make my life great! I started to get to work on cleaning, organizing, and sorting things out to ready our home for a child. No I’m not pregnant, but like any borderline type A personality I want to get things as ready as possible before we open that door. The first task was splitting an overly large closet into a hall closet/pantry/linen closet and a bedroom closet. The second task which was much more in my spectrum of skills is clearing out the other bedroom in our house so that we can have a place for a nursery.

The next week I began to work on my garden spaces again. This included taking down some tree limbs to let in some light, laying down cardboard, constructing borders, moving soil, and up-potting my plants again.

The week of memorial day I prepared for a yard sale we were having that weekend. With little success, I sorted through the remainder of the yard sale stuff and readied it for delivery to the local consignment shop. Anything not passing the bar at the consignment shop went or will go to the local Miracle Hill Ministry.

The next week I worked on moving wood I purchased at an extremely good rate, considering the current prices. I worked on gardens, and helped my mom install fence posts around her garden area, and then rested.

Last week I picked up some Lavender Orphington Chicks, Lavender Americana Chicks, and my mom picked up some Mixed Guinea Keets. We quickly had to expand the Chickery ( there wasn’t one, lol) So I purchased some light fixtures, bulbs, and some containers to keep them in until they were big enough to go in the chick cages. By the time we got everything set up and going I could barely walk. But I still helped my sister-in-law build another raised planter for her flowers.

I was not being facetious, I literally hurt all over. I got a back brace, I taped up both feet, I visited my chiropractor, I got a foot bath and Epsom salts, I got potato slices, and ice packs. This whole week I have mostly spent on alternating days of Epsom salt soaks after work, and applying frozen potato slices on my feet. I’ve alternated taking Ibuprofen (for swelling and pain) and Aspirin (for healing through increased blood flow and pain). And tomorrow I’m getting a therapeutic massage.

When I wrote this I was hobbling around but feeling much better and clearer minded than I had in two months. While I hadn’t had much time to work on my gardens I included some pictures of wildflowers that have come up and brought so much loveliness to our yard.

Since I started writing this blog, things at my work vastly degraded into a swirling pool of stress and angst. A couple of months later I injured my knee and couldn’t do much of anything for the rest of the summer. My plant starts all died without producing and the only thing I could keep alive was the chickens, cats, and dogs. After a climax of stress and other things at work, I resigned my position in October. Since then I have been focusing on the house and preparing for a new spring, and I have been hard at work.

Finally, after 6 months of odd jobs and lazying around I feel the overwhelming strain of my former workplace has relieved. I have a new job and am enjoying the difference in job related pressures, even if the pay isn’t ideal.

Till the next time remember, any gardener will tell you forgive yourself of your mistakes, of your failures to plan well, of taking time for yourself, and of taking time you need to heal from your injuries whether they be physical or mental. You do what you need to do to keep yourself healthy, happy, and hopeful that all you do will help you achieve that healthier more self-sustaining life we are all looking for through our endeavors at home and in the garden.

With Love,

The Upstate Gardener

Two of my new babies resting from causing me more work.
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