Life and Death

Life on a farm is all about life and death. In the spring everything comes alive. Seeds sprout, plants start grow again, and babies are born or hatched. Life springs forth with the warmth of the springtime sun. But sometimes death also comes with spring an unexpected cold snap takes the life of young seedlingsContinue reading “Life and Death”

So… It’s been a while

Hello friends! It has been a while. As I’m sure many of ya’ll know Gardening can be very time consuming even though it can also be very fulfilling and therapeutic. However, no matter what, there are times in most of our lives when we become overwhelmed, depressed, frustrated, unwell, and generally unable to face someContinue reading “So… It’s been a while”

Working with the Yard You Have to Create a Beautiful Space

We have some unusual slopes and hills throughout our acreage which have posed a challenge in many aspects. Some of which include drainage issues, maintenance difficulties, access frustrations, and potential health hazards like unwanted mold growth and damage and decay to the vulnerable parts of our home. So, we have started coming up with someContinue reading “Working with the Yard You Have to Create a Beautiful Space”

To Busy to Garden?

So when speaking on this subject I think of all the things on my to do list, what my friends with businesses have on their to do lists, what my stay at home suburban mom’s have on their to do list, and what the people around me have on their to do lists… and althoughContinue reading “To Busy to Garden?”

More seeds

So I know it’s been a couple days, but it’s been quite busy for me here. From working on plant shelf projects for myself and my mom, getting materials for the closet that we are going to construct next weekend, attending a wedding, and getting more seeds started in addition to work I haven’t hadContinue reading “More seeds”

Saturday fun Ep. 1

After taking Friday and Saturday morning to spend some time with my husband for his birthday, we spent some time in the yard mowing, planting, and taking down trees. My mom acquired about 100 strawberry plants from a local lady thinning out her strawberry patch. Fortunately, even though I already had 25 strawberry plants andContinue reading “Saturday fun Ep. 1”


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